Inside the Sulphurbath – Episode 14

Guests for episode 14: Philosopher Lisa McKeown discusses speech-act theory;… and for more information on speech acts:… Artist Justin Terry shares and discusses his work; Musician Ben Schapiro interview and live performance. Hosted by Mike Wilson and Greg Becker. Featuring a live improvisational performance led by Fumio Tashiro and Dan Marco. Title […]

Inside the Sulphurbath – Episode 12

Guests for Episode 12: Martial Artists Jaime Perea and Humberto Perea discuss the history of martial arts and mixed martial arts today. Conceptual Artist Andrew Ratcliff in discussion with us about his project “Waterfall Swingset.” Collage Artist Billy Frey shares his work and process with us. Hosted by Blaine Kneece, Greg Becker and […]

Inside the Sulphurbath – Episode 11

Guests for episode 11: Writer, blogger, constructive thinker Emmanuel Iduma… Artist Clark Carr Musical Performance by “Dead Sexy Sheila” Hosted by Blaine Kneece, Shaun Randol, and Mike Wilson and featuring Fumio Tashiro, Dean Brown, Sean Clark Flyers and Camera-work by artist Miho Morita Episode 11 – live on 8/24/2013

Inside the Sulphurbath – Episode 9

Author Kavitha Rajagopalan: The author shares her work with us and discusses the challenges and issues surrounding immigrant communities in large cities. Filmmaker John Koch: We examine and discuss John’s work, methodology, and network. The filmmaker shares clips and stills from his latest film Stalemate. http://www/ The music of Streets of Laredo: Discussion and live […]

Inside the Sulphurbath – Episode 8

Guests for Episode 8: Poet JUSTIN PETROPOULOS shares his poetic works and discusses redacted texts, language, and art. PARADISE CLUB: Live musical performance and discussion with the Brooklyn based duo Kiowa Hammons and Eric Trosko. Live performance by Paradise Club features background images created by filmmaker Leslie Hodgkins. Live improvised experimental performance led by Fumio […]

Inside the Sulphurbath – Episode 7

Guests for episode 7 include: Artist Chaw Ei Thein in discussion with us regarding her art and struggle as an artist, her transition from Burma to the United States, the political abuse and oppression of basic human rights and how one artist speaks for thousands. Musician John Reid from the musical group “Toothy […]

Inside the Sulphurbath – Episode 6

Episode 6: Tanto Bineverett extra-ordinary human being comedian discussing race, liberty, and the abuse of state empowered authority. Actor Trevor Hamilton discusses theatre, independent film, and teaching and sharing theatre with the community. Hosted by Mike Wilson and Blaine Kneece. Musical improvisation led by Fumio Tashiro and Dan Marco. July 12, 2013.